L’oreal The Reign of Studs…..

Purchased by Me

Almost done!! It seems silly to me that out of all the colors L’oreal can create, they chose to do 4 purples in this collection. While each of them are pretty I feel like pink or red or green or cream(this is a color I need!) would have been better options than 4 purple variations. But anyways….

loreal the reign of studs-001 loreal the reign of studs-002 loreal the reign of studsThe Reign of Studs is a medium purple microglitter with small purple glitter sprinkled throughout.

Overall: This is a really pretty purple! If you are wondering how it compares to the other purples in this collection stay tuned for my comparison post! The formula and application was great, as always, and I used 2 coats with a thin top coat for this swatch.

Price: These retail for about $6.99.


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