L’oreal I Like it Chunky..

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Almost done!! We’re down to the last two colors in this collection, yay! Today I have swatches of I Like it Chunky. Before I begin, let’s take a moment to discuss the name…it’s horrible. I don’t even understand what it means, maybe if it looked like Essie Belugaria it would be more fitting but none of the colors in this collection could be described as “chunky”, especially this one. Polish names don’t normally bother me but I just don’t like the name of this lol.

Moving on to the swatches…

loreal i like it chunky-001 loreal i like it chunky-002 loreal i like it chunky-003 loreal i like it chunky-004


I Like it Chunky has a burnt orange microglitter base with rose and gold shimmer and silver glitter sprinkled throughout. I’m still not sure how I feel about this color, I was mainly attracted to it because my husband likes the color burnt orange and I currently don’t own a color like this. I do like the shimmer in it, I feel it gives it dimension reminiscent of Sexy in Sequins, but IDK. Maybe if the glitters were gold instead of silver I would like it more? The silver just doesn’t seem to “fit” IMO and since there’s already gold shimmer I think gold glitter would work better.

Overall: I like this color but I’m not sure if it’s a “must-have”. Formula and application was great, I used 2 coats plus a thin top coat for this swatch.

Price: This retails for around $6.99.

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