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Press Sample
from B Squared Lacquer
All Aboard is a dusty light blue scattered holo crelly(creme+jelly). I used 3 coats above for full coverage. Although it still has a faint VNL (visible nail line).
Change the Game is a grass green scattered holo crelly. Full coverage in 2 coats with faint VNL.
Purple Unicorns is a dusty lavender scattered holo crelly. This also needed 3 coats for full coverage and had a slight VNL.
With all My Heart is a medium pink jelly with golden micro glass flecks. After 3 coats there’s still VNL, I think this would be best layered over a similar pink colored base.
#INSTAFAMILY is a bottle of awesomeness! It’s like a super fun cosmic party on my nails. This is packed with micro silver, small blue circle, small square silver holo and large blue, purple/pink and green circle, glitters in a clear base. This is definitely meant for layering since it has a clear base. I chose a black (FP Black Expressionism) because I felt it would make the glitters really stand out.
You do need to fish a little to get the circles but I discovered a way to help! Before using, turn your bottle upside down and let it sit a few minutes. Then when you are ready to use it, pour a small amount onto a disposable surface (like a plastic bag). What you’ve poured out should mainly consist of the large circle glitters. Next apply the glitter like you would any other polish, after each (or you final coat depending on the look you want) coat pick up one of the circle glitters and place it wherever you want on the nail. This allows you to apply as many circles as you want, wherever you want them on the nail.
This is a great collection! The formula is nice, I had no issues with application or dry time. Some of the colors are on the sheer side so I would recommend using a base  color, this will also help to conserve your polish.
You can purchase this entire collection for $45, prices vary for individual bottles, from B Squared Lacquer.
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