Under the Sea….

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It’s almost October and I’m still working on September’s themes lol..Hopefully I’ll finish them up this week!
Of course this is is the glitter theme…
When I originally got these 2.5mm Circle Peacock Green glitter from KKCenterHk I thought about doing a peacock themed nail art to coordinate with them. But when I received this bottle of Emily de Molly
I thought a Mermaid themed accent nail would go perfect with Oceanic Forces…
It’s like they were meant to be!
Overall: I really like these glitters, they shift from either gold to green or blue to green depending on the light/angel of your nail and they are so shiny! They are a bit on the thick side, if you compare them to the circle glitter that’s in Oceanic Forces these Peacock glitters would be about 3 of them stacked together. But even though they are a tad thick they still lay flat on the nail and don’t stick up too much.
Price: You get a 10g jar full of 2.5mm Peacock Green glitter for $8, this jar will last you a looooong time! And you can use the code ‘thepolishedmommy’ to receive 10% off your purchase.
Gradient done using Emily de Molly Oceanic Forces, base color for accent nail is FP Black Expressionism, then SH Blue Streak and China Glaze Rare and Radiant sponged on.

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