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Today is my youngest son’s 2nd birthday!! I can’t believe my baby is 2 now!
the day after he was born..awwww
stuffing his face with homemade cupcakes =)
I wanted to do fun nails to celebrate his birthday and these Birthday nail strips from OMG nail strips are so adorably perfect!
OMG Birthday Nail Strips
right hand to show how they fit on short nails
To apply:
  1. Choose the correct size strip for your nail (you get 14 individual strips with 7 sizes to choose from).
  2. Place the cuticle edge of the strip as close to your cuticle as possible.
  3. Smooth down the center of the strip, then smooth the sides (if needed you can gently pull the strips sides to fit the width of your nail).
  4. Once the nail is smooth, gently pull the excess away from the nail and then pull downward to break the strip.
  5. Smooth the edge of the nail by taking a 240 grit or higher file and buffing the free edge.
  6. Top Coat to protect the strip. You must wait for the top coat to fully dry before doing anything because the topcoat “melts” the strip onto the nail, if you bump or touch it the strip will easily remove.
  7. Admire your lovely nails!
Overall: These strips are so cute and got lots of attention at my son’s birthday party. They lasted 3 days with little to no tip wear or chipping, I removed them to redo my nails so I’m not sure how long they could have lasted. I would highly recommend these strips because they easy to apply and last very well on the nail.
Price: These retail for $6.89 at

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  1. 0920britt says:

    Aww how sweet…my son is about to turn 1 next month. They grow up so fast:)

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