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When I first received these NCLA Stephanie’s Galaxy wraps I was so excited to try them, I mean in the package they look stunning! It’s like a perfect airbrushed galaxy…
But sadly, the application of these wraps ruined all hopes of my perfect galaxy.
I tried so hard to get these wraps to work; applying one size up, one size down, heating them before and after application, and top coating in hopes of them “melting” like the OMG wraps. However, nothing I tried could get these wraps to go on smooth and lay flat. Now, if you’ve been following me for a while you’ll remember I reviewed a set of NCLA wraps before and didn’t have a bad review for them. Here’s why: In my previous review my nails were short and flat (this was at the height of my stressed out period and my nails were a mess) allowing the wrap to go on somewhat smoothly. Now that my nails have grown longer, I put a gel overlay on them to keep them from breaking (will have a review and tutorial on that soon) and the overlay has given me a higher C curve than what my natural nails have. I believe the more pronounced the C curve the more troubles you’ll have with these wraps, because they aren’t thin and flexible (unlike the OMG wraps). I’ve seen other picture of NCLA wraps that look flawless so it is possible, unfortunately I wasn’t able to get them to work.
NCLA wraps are avaible at and retail for $16 a set (two sheets with 22 wraps).

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