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Today’s post isn’t nail related, but if you like crafts and DIY projects keep reading….
Darby Smart is a new online website that is like ‘Pinterest made easy’. They offer complete  kits that allow you to create unique and fun DYI crafts. I was very intrigued by the concept and couldn’t wait to try my kit, Crystal Chic Bracelet….
(the packaging is so nice!)
At Darby Smart, leading designers launch simple DIY projects based on the latest fashion and home trends.
We turn their projects into kits that include chic materials and simple instructions, and send them to you. Create a unique design and show off your style.
If your like me and enjoy doing crafts but the idea of actually doing them overwhelms you then this site is perfect! I always see all these really cute ideas on Pinterest and think, “I would totally make that!” then you look up the items need (and add up the cost) and reality sets in…”ehhh not worth it.”
These kits give you everything you need, from tools and supplies to the directions on how to create your treasure, all for a reasonable and affordable price.
Now for the kit….


  • Crystal Beads
  • Pocket Crimper
  • Beading Wire
  • Lobster Clasps
  • DIY Instructions
directions included in the box
To start:
Cut 2 pieces of wire to fit your wrist, add about and inch (half inch per side) extra to create the loops.
Thread the wires through the clamping bead, create the loop and then clamp the bead tightly…
*note you can trim off excess wire after you’ve clamped the bead.
Now thread your beads on in any desired pattern.
You get 4 large brass pendants, 5 flowers beads, tiny clear beads and extra tiny silver spacing beads.
When you’ve finished your bracelet thread the ends through another clamping bead and before creating the loop put on your lobster claw clasp…
Then create your loop and clamp like before…
Finished product…
(polish is China Glaze Love’s a Beach)
Overall:I was super happy with this kit, it was easy to create and came with everything I needed (minus scissors to cut the wire). The bracelet itself is just my style, pink with lots of bling!
Price: Prices vary by kit, ranging from $16 -$83. This kit is available for $24 on DarbySmart.com

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