Alcatraz…Rocks My Flip Flop Fantasy….

On a recent boating trip my husband took this great pic of Alcatraz island…
I’ve been so excited to use my new OPI Alcatraz…Rocks polish because I think it’s so awesome that I live so close to the place that it’s inspired by!
“Stripes” and “Sparkles”
While it’s great on it’s own I wanted to jazz Alcatraz…Rocks up a bit and what better way to do that is neon lasers!! Also I missed stripes day lol.
Base color is China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy with OPI Alcatraz…Rocks.
If you’re wondering about the new hand position, I’m still fighting off the infection I┬á[posted about]. I had another dr.s appt today to see the dermatologist, she took a culture of the infection so I’m waiting on the results to see if I need to go on a different antibiotic since it’s not going away. *sigh*

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2 Responses

  1. i LOVE this design <3

  2. some how I missed until now that you lived either in The City of close by as you said…or maybe I did know and it did not stick…I lived in several places in Marine – one all the way out in Inverness (loved it)..and then also down at Half Moon Bay. I spent a ton of time in the City – my folks met there in WWII so from a very early age, it was a place we went to for family trips so they could re-visit restaurants and places they had been when they fell in love. Being a young adult in the mid 60’s, I was very much a part of the SF music scene…funny you bring up Alcatraz…I can remember when it was still a prison and when it closed and also when it became part of the Park system. I am glad they kept it part of the park system and did not close it as once was planned – it gets a lot of visitors and the trip out on the bay is worth the price! Nice art by the way despite I am not a big fan of the fall Liquid sands.

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