Ninja Polish Pacific Coral….

Purchased by Me
I recently saw on Ninja Polish’s FB page they were adding several colors to their Enigma collection (that’s the same collection that me beloved Divinity is in) and I patiently waited for the email to tell me buy them they were in stock. I am so in love and here’s why…

I did 2 coats over Orly Cotton Candy (to bring out more of the peach tones) and it is amaztastic! (yes I needed to make up a word for how much I like it!) The green gold color shift gives such a glow to the nail it’s just beautiful. I also bought Mystic Glacier which is equally as gorgeous and now I think I need 100% Columbian too *sigh*

You can purchased Pacific Coral from and it sells for $11 (plus shipping)

I also have to add that their CS is awesome, in my excitement I accidentally ordered 2 bottles of this (which would be nice to have a backup lol) and they quickly refunded my extra bottle and shipped out my order super quick =D

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2 Responses

  1. That looks great on you! I got Mystic Glacier and 100% Columbian because I didn’t think I could pull that color off.

    I was too excited on a different site and didn’t notice I got 2 of the same color until too late lol

  2. This is so gorgeous!! Adding to my wish list! Ninja Polish has fantastic CS! 😀

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