Trip to San Francisco…

This weekend we took a trip to San Francisco and met up with some of my husband’s family. We’ve been to San Francisco several times before but never for sight seeing so this trip was really fun for our boys.
Since we planned on taking the boys to a park I figured it was the perfect opportunity to wear a holo…

 I loved this flower cactus!
 yummy lunch!
 Sea Lions at Pier 39
Base color is China Glaze Pink Plumeria under Color Club Miss Bliss.

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  1. beachgal says:

    Ah – my city – anyone who lives just south or north of SF always calls it ‘the city.’ It’s only LA folks who call it Frisco which grates my nerves when I hear that one – I think it came from when folks shortened Las Vegas to Vegas – seems I started to hear it around that same vintage – late 50’s. I’ve spent more time in Marin Co since I was a kid – as a kid my mom and others used to go shopping in SF – when shopping was a formal thing with hats and gloves! But then there was the 60’s and SF was a whole new thing for me with it’s music that pulled me constant – fab amazing groups for $2 here and there almost constantly. I still can recall going to some tiny tiny places in the East Bay to hear early spin off Jerry Garcia groups and many more who would play impromptu in the likes of even some back ends of some Chinese Food restaurant we used to go to! It’s still a magical place for me – a bit too over priced esp if you need a place to stay for a few nights….and I hate now days to ask to stay with friends. I think SF is one of those places everyone needs to see at some point in their lives if they like to travel at all that is.

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