Gold and Opals…

I recently heard about “Go gold for Silas”, a little boy who is battling cancer. His wish is that everyone paints their nails gold to spread awareness of childhood cancer, how sweet is this little boy!

This look was inspired by ddaze on Reddit and I wish I could capture how pretty the “opal” part looks IRL. I used Orly French Tip White and Powder Puff as my base color then used Essie Shine of the Times and topped with a jellied version of Powder Puff (I added clear). For the border I used gold foil from and found it much more difficult to work with than expected. The foil is super thin and wanted to stick to everything, I wish I could have gotten better edges but every time I tried to smooth or mess with it the foil started coming off =(

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4 Responses

  1. Kellie M says:

    Orly Powder Puff looks white…so how did you get the color to look blue? I have Essie SOTT and it is also not blue. Hmmmm lol.

  2. beachgal says:

    This is outstanding – I adore opals and you really captured the look here (plus that look and the stones are so hard to photo)…applause to you for trying to use that really difficult gold foil from the craft stores – I used the real stuff on some antique furniture restoration while I was a volunteer at a local historical landmark…it was really hard to work with despite all the tricks I was given by the professional furniture restoration specialist. Again – just stunning – I wish I had bought more opals in gold when gold was still reasonable $$. I have some I don’t like from my mom’s stuff and cherish some earrings I have from a grandma who got them from my dad who bought a lot of opals while in Australia during WWII – I had a ring mom and dad made for my sweet 16th and my sis borrowed it for a dance at college and it was goners – darn her – and it was a black opal (the deep blue ones with all the fire)…I have to try something like this just not with the gold leaf foil

  3. This looks very pretty!

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