This is Not the Greatest Polish in the World, This is Just a Two Finger Salute….

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A while back I made a franken of butter London Two Finger Salute┬á(a mix of Hard Candy Beetle and white polish) and just fell in LOVE with this color…
The polish reminded me of an antique that had slightly tarnished which I think makes it the perfect background for a vintage inspired look using some heart shaped newspaper and rose nail art decorations I received from KKCenterHk
The heart was a little big for my fingers, I have tiny fingers, so I added it to my thumb. I think it looks so cute!
Then just for fun I wanted to play around with my nail foils I bought..
┬áBase color is┬áThis is Not the Greatest Polish in the World, It’s Just a Two Finger Salute(my franken name) and Sephora by OPI It’s Real. Accent nail is African Jade nail foil.(I also found the best top coat for foils!!! Sally Hansen miracle nail┬áthickener┬á= zero wrinkles!!!)
The heart shaped newspaper and rose nail art decorations are available at KKCenterHk for $4 for a pack of 2.
And if you were wondering where I got the name for my franken, the first thing I thought of when I created it was the song Tribute by Tenacious D and the rest just flowed together =)

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  1. Bisma Rauf says:

    Nice Blog!!!

    You are invited to my “International Giveaway by Born Pretty Store”.

  2. Mina says:

    Tenacious D is hilarious! :))
    Love the polish and the manis you came up with! :))

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