This is Not the Greatest Polish in the World, This is Just a Two Finger Salute….

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A while back I made a franken of butter London Two Finger Salute (a mix of Hard Candy Beetle and white polish) and just fell in LOVE with this color…
The polish reminded me of an antique that had slightly tarnished which I think makes it the perfect background for a vintage inspired look using some heart shaped newspaper and rose nail art decorations I received from KKCenterHk
The heart was a little big for my fingers, I have tiny fingers, so I added it to my thumb. I think it looks so cute!
Then just for fun I wanted to play around with my nail foils I bought..
 Base color is This is Not the Greatest Polish in the World, It’s Just a Two Finger Salute(my franken name) and Sephora by OPI It’s Real. Accent nail is African Jade nail foil.(I also found the best top coat for foils!!! Sally Hansen miracle nail thickener = zero wrinkles!!!)
The heart shaped newspaper and rose nail art decorations are available at KKCenterHk for $4 for a pack of 2.
And if you were wondering where I got the name for my franken, the first thing I thought of when I created it was the song Tribute by Tenacious D and the rest just flowed together =)

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2 Responses

  1. Bisma Rauf says:

    Nice Blog!!!

    You are invited to my “International Giveaway by Born Pretty Store”.

  2. Mina says:

    Tenacious D is hilarious! :))
    Love the polish and the manis you came up with! :))

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