Happy Valentine’s Day, or Not…

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!!

I recently received these Hot Pink nail studs from KKCenterHk and I thought Valentine’s Day would be the perfect time to use them!
You get about 50 6mm hot pink metallic heart studs in each package and they are just such a great way to add something bright and fun to your mani.
*tip: before apply anything to your nail, take the stud you are going to use and press it against the nail. Since these are made of a very thin metal they will bend to conform to your nail. If you skip this step then the heart won’t lay flat on the nail and you’ll be left with edge that are raised and can potentially catch on something, pulling the stud off =( *
I decided to create a simple look for both those in and not in love….
 I took a pair of sharp scissors and carefully cut down the center of the heart.
Base color is Pure Ice Black Velour and hand placed glitter is from China Glaze Techno.
This mani matched my outfit perfectly..
took the boys to visit Daddy for lunch and he surprised me with flowers =)
I think these hearts are so cute and they add just a pop of color that really stands out.
Price: These hearts are $5 (for ~50)

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