Layla Hologram Effect: Part 4…

Finally part 4!! Sorry it took so long, holiday time was crazy.

 Purple Illusion is a pink toned purple, very bright and pretty.
 Cloudy Violet is just like it’s name. It’s a true violet but just not bright violet.
 Misty Blush is a dusty darker purple. Hard to describe but lovely.
Here are all the Layla violet, the main diference is the deepness of the violet.
Coffee Love is a gorgeous mocha brown, very unique and a must have!
To see colors 1-4, click here
To see colors 5-8, click here
To see colors 9-12, click here

Overall: These can be tricky to apply ( I made a video on how to apply them) and they do require at least 2-3 coats to become smooth and even. But despite they’re picky application the effect is just stunning, if you’re going somewhere sunny(like the beach) these give your nails that WOW effect the demands attention.

Price: The price on these can vary depending on where you buy them (retail is $15.50 ea) and you can often find them on sale.
I bought most of these from for $15.50ea (you can often find coupon codes) and orders over $50 ship for $1.

They are also available at:
Nail Polish Canada for $16ea
Ninjapolish for $15.50
Amazon  (price varies)

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4 Responses

  1. Denna Isbill says:

    I like the worthwhile data you give in your articles or blog posts. I’ll bookmark your blog site and check out once again the following frequently. I am fairly certain I will learn quite a few new stuff proper below! Good luck for your upcoming!

  2. beachgal says:

    So many bloggers have loved Misty Blush – seems to be ‘the’ hottest like for most from this collection. I really would like to get a # of ’em. But the price/bottle on these is really steep for me to get more than 1 maybe max 2. I have a lot of holos now and it’s hard to justify buying more when I am not wearing the more than 25 I have now! After 25 do I still need more? I am holding out for the ChG 2013 Holo collection to see what they have in the color line up and if they do a liner or scatters – we know they can do either – the OMG was linear and Kaleidoscope was scattered as was Tronica. I don’t want to see more pale pastel holos in the upcoming ChG collection – I think I am at break point now on the pastels between all the Nfu-Ohs and the whole 6 collection from Color Club’s Halo Hollos….and a few lighter shades in the OMG too. But I have a lot of brights too from Jade’s holographic collection and some from HITS too. I like you did the comparison side to side of the 3 violet shades.

  3. Steph xx says:

    These are amazing. I need to get my hands on Misty Blush

  4. shearhappy says:

    Thank you for the info on the haographic nails

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