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Today I have for you the Jessica Glamarama Holiday 2012 collection and let me tell you it is stunning!

Magic Spell is a stunning, beautiful red shimmer. This red does pull a bit orange, it’s not a true red like Velvet Fantasy. This color glows in sunlight, it’s definitely one of those colors you just cant stop staring at.

Velvet Fantasy is a one coat candy apple red creme. I applied one coat on my index and ring and 2 coats on my middle and pinky fingers and let me tell you it’s almost undetectable between which finger has one coat and which has 2. This color went on like a dream! No streaks or patchy spots, it just flowed on the nail beautifully.

Heart’s Desire is a blackend cherry shimmer. When I first saw the bottle I thought I looked like Cinnamon Kiss but once I swatched it you can see they’re nothing alike. But much like Cinnamon Kiss this color is OMG gorgeous!
Hearts’s Desire(left) and Cinnamon Kiss(right)

 one coat, 3 coats, 2 coats over white, 2 coats over black

Hot Hot Hot had ultra micro and micro red glitter with a sparse amount of holo glitter in a clear base. This a such a great Holiday color because you can wear it on top of any red for some added bling.
one coat over Velvet Fantasy

one coat, 3 coats, 2 coats over white, 2 coats over black

Platinum Wishes has blue, teal, green, orange and a hint of yellow glitter in a clear base. Over black the colors just pop and it’s so pretty!

 one coat, 3 coats, 2 coats over white, 2 coats over black

Glitterati reminds me of a glitter version of Essie Shine of the Times. It has orangey/copper and green glitter that have slight color shifts in a clear base. The green turns slightly blueish/teal and the orange turns to a yellow gold.

Overall: I love this collection! The solid colors apply like butter and have average dry time. They look good with only one coat but I applied 2 just to make the color more intense(with the exception of Velvet Fantasy, see caption below pic). The glitters on the other hand were a bit thick and took a long time to dry but the glitter applied evenly (no bald patches) and if you apply a quick dry top coat it should dry within reasonable time. I did apply a top coat over all of these swatches.

This collection is available at for $27.95 (for all 6).

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  1. Glitterati is beautiful!! Great swatches 🙂

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