This is Halloween!!!…

Happy Halloween!!!

Before I get to today’s theme here are all the past themes from this month’s “This is Halloween” nail art challenge…

“Horror Movie”-


“Jack ‘O Lanterns”-
I originally did this mani for this theme but as the title says, it was a fail so I’m showing what I should have used for this theme…
“Trick or Treat”-
And Finally……
“Recreate your favorite from another challenger”
As soon as I saw this mani from PolishRainbow I wanted to recreate it so bad!
Here’s my version…
Which Witch is Which?….
I tried so hard to get the pinky to cooperate but it kept smudging and wouldn’t dry. I redid it then it smudged again! I figured the witch only had two legs so that’s all I’ll show lol

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5 Responses

  1. These are all so so so awesome! I love the Horror Movie one!

    Jazz x

  2. Shannon says:

    Awesome! 😀 This turned out really great! I love the little square rhinestones on the slippers. What did you use for the wand? Is that silver glitter? Very cool!

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