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I think today’s mani is so pretty and a must for spring/summer, yes I know it’s fall but I haven’t adjusted from FL seasons so it’s still spring to me :p.
I have been searching for tiny dried flowers to use for nail art for a while now so I was so happy when I received these dried flowers from BornPretty.
The flowers come in a rectangular clear case, each type of flower has it’s own clear jar and contains about 3-5 flowers per jar. Since they are dried they are very delicate and can break easy, so it’s best to handle them gently using tweezers. To apply them I painted my base color on then let it dry, once the polish has dried I applied a thin coat of a quick dry top coat and placed my flower in the desired position. Using the end of the tweezers I very carefully tapped down the edges of the flower until the entire flower was adhered to the nail. These flowers add such a pretty, delicate and feminine touch to any mani!
These are the flowers I chose to use for my mani…
The base color is China Glaze For Audrey. I love how these flowers add a pop of color and texture without being too 3D.
*I have to say, I did not add a top coat over them because some topcoats can dissolve the flowers so best not to apply one.

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  1. beachgal says:

    I have some dried flowers I picked up at Sally’s – mine did get all funky – now reading this, makes me think it was the fact I used a zillion coats of clear topper to seal them down.

    • I did another mani with them and put a QDTC over it and over a couple of hours the flower seemed to dissolve to nothing. I’m not sure whether this happens with all TCs or just QD but I think it’s best not to put anything over them.

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