How to Create a Gradient Nail…

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I’ve been meaning to do a video on how to do gradient nails for a while but I got such a big response to this mani  that I finally sat down and made the video….

Right after I started the second nail my youngest son woke up from his nap so I had to rush =( I put a little too much on the sponge which caused the base color to lift off in certain places. So make sure your sponge is wet with polish but not loaded with it(meaning excess polish shouldn’t be on the top of the sponge).

Products used:
makeup sponge
China Glaze Bohemian Collection
Stay tuned for my next video, How to use striping tape!

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8 Responses

  1. Amber Green says:

    This was so helpful. Thanks so much for making a video.

  2. i think it’s fabulous you included a video. It makes to so much easier to follow. These colors look great together. I need to try this method.

  3. Gottwinkies says:

    Very nice, lol….Fleetwood Mac was the perfect touch!

  4. Thanks for this!! I’m always having trouble. I may go ahead and try this again today!! <3

  5. Great tutorial! This is basically how I did mine. My gradient didn’t come out as smooth as yours. I use a pumping sort of motion to sponge. Do you think that makes the difference? Oh and I love the Stevie Nicks too!

    • If youre dabbing the sponge on your nail then it won’t come out as smooth as rolling it. This is because its such a thin amount that goes on the nail it dries very fast. When you keep dabbing wet polish over your gradient it sticks a little causing bumps. This issue can be smooth out with topcoat but I find it’s just easier to roll the sponge over the nail.

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