Essie Mirrored Metallics…

purchased by me

So I was actually going to pass on this collection because I already had some foils in my collection and figured I didn’t need these. BUT then I looked them up on eBay and found a deal I couldn’t pass up, so now they’re mine and I love them!

 No Place Like Chrome,Blue Rhapsody,Nothing Else Metals, Penny Talk, Good as Gold

These are just beautiful to look at, they are soooo shiny! But beauty does come at a price, they show any and every flaw in your nail! The formula is nice, thin, dries really fast but unless you apply a ridge filler (and let it fully dry) they show even the tiniest dent in your nails. Now I was able to get them to look smooth because I have acrylics, however 1 or 2 coats(depending on the condition of your nails) of a good ridge filler should give you a good base for these.
Now onto comparisons. I originally thought I would need these because I already had some foils, but these aren’t foils they’re chromes/metallics so if you only have foils I hate to say it but you need these!

 (L-R) Essie Blue Rhapsody, Color Club Lumin-icecent, Essie Nothing Else Metals, China Glaze Latticed Lace(yes, this is a crackle), Essie Penny Talk, Orly Rage, Essie Good as Gold, Orly Luxe, Essie No Place Like Chrome, Savvy Chrome

 Essie Good as Gold, Orly Luxe, Essie No Place Like Chrome, Savvy Chrome

Essie Nothing Else Metals, China Glaze Latticed Lace(yes, this is a crackle), Essie Penny Talk, Orly Rage

 Essie Blue Rhapsody, Color Club Lumin-icecent

As you can see some of the colors are similar but the finishes are completely different. The main difference between a foil and a chrome is shimmer. Foils look like ultra fine pieces of shimmer and chromes are smooth and shiny.

Then, I wanted to see what effect a top coat would have on these…

As you can see these do not need a top coat, in fact a top coat,of any kind, makes them look worse.

I can’t wait to play around with these, I see more stamping in my future! =)

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11 Responses

  1. Sakiko says:

    SO helpful, thank you so much!
    I was looking for the comparison of Essie good as gold and Orly Luxe.

  2. Zenorah says:

    AMAZING Polishes!! Can`t wait to get my hands on these as well. You have an awesome blog! I have nominated you for the Liebster Award!

  3. tartelette says:

    We’re from and like to pass you the “I Love your blog”-award!
    I’m sorry that it’s written in German… but hey, you have Fans from Germany! Isn’t that great? 😉
    Anyway, this award is given to very nice blogs we love with less than 200 follower. If you need further help with the translation (google translate makes some funny translations sometimes ;)), please let me know! 🙂

  4. I love all of your stamping! I finally got some stamping plates and now I’m going on vacation so I don’t have time to try them! I’m so excited!
    I only have one metallic nail polish so I should try these out! 🙂

  5. Ashesela says:

    (ooh I LOVE Orly Luxe!! :D)
    These look fantastic! Awesome swatches and comparison. 😀

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