Bohemian Grunge (Fail?)…

Ever since I saw this grunge effect tutorial by Jaime over at Nails Adored I had to try it! However, I have issues with directions and as a result this mani didn’t turn out like I imagined it….

So here’s where I went wrong: I was so loving my Pixi Opal Sheen  polish that I wanted to use it again, so I used it as the base color (instead of black like I should have). Next, I became impatient and didn’t let it dry before moving on to adding the rest of the colors (all 6 of the China Glaze Bohemian collection), which I applied with polish brush instead of a dry art brush. Ok, so I basically didn’t follow ANY of the directions (lol) and wasn’t happy with the results. I thought it needed something to make it pop so I added a coat of WnW Black Creme and this is what I ended up with….

Still not super crazy about it but I think it looks better with the black over it. I’m not giving up on this effect and I will try it again, but next time I’ll follow directions ;).

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3 Responses

  1. I think it looks super cool! Love it! <3

  2. NailsByDiana says:

    Honestly, I LOVE the way this looks!

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