How to Create Nautral Looking Artificial Nails…

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So much like the tutorial I posted yesterday I used my Dual Forms to create a structured tip nail but this time I used acrylic instead of hard gel.

Again I have to say I just love these Dual Forms, they make doing your own acrylics very easy. They also leave a high gloss shine on your nails which is great if you use them to create beautiful acrylic design (for awesome desgin ideas check out vianneylu1, her videos convinced me to get the Dual Forms). For a more natural look I used my super fine file to buff away the shine, but if you kept the shine that would eliminate the need for polish =).

After having done both acrylic and hard gel, I much prefer using acrylic. Being able to press and hold while at the same time able to clean away excess without having to contort your finger into a weird position in order to cure it is so much easier. Acrylic is also much harder and more durable than hard gel, unless you want a more natural feeling nail (I’m very hard on my nails so I need something extra tough lol).


Dual Forms

Gelish Acrylic

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15 Responses

  1. Bekka13c says:

    Hello,I just wana ask wut amount of clear are you starting with when you add pink & your white?

  2. skram says:

    Just wondering if you’ve tried using a combination of structure gel and false tips? I’ve read that it’s a good way of strengthening false tips so they’re less likely to pop off.
    Also, just to clarify- do you use an LED lamp with this? Or does it cure simply through time and exposure to air?

    • francine says:

      I don’t think I used structure gel with this method because I never had a problem with them popping off. I do use an LED lamp (the Gelish Pro45), these will not air dry.

  3. gele negle says:

    Acrylic nails are a great way to achieve long, impeccably manicured nails. They do not break like natural nails, and are an easy way to look well-groomed. However, acrylic nails do require maintenance and special attention to stay healthy

  4. anonymous says:

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  5. Jazzie says:

    what brand are the dual forms on ebay? How many and How Much please tell me!!!!

  6. Thank you soooo much for your answer! 😉

  7. Second question, your acrylique, do you also buy it on the web? Does any kind of acrylique works?

    Thanks 🙂

    • I do get my acrylic online but a beauty supply store(not Sally’s) should carry good quality acrylic brands. I prefer using Gelish because I love their products but there are many other good ones.

      Any acrylic will work but not all acrylic is created equal, “cheap” acrylic won’t have a great consistency, durability or lasting quality that a good quality acrylic will.

  8. Are those forms easy to find? Do you buy your stuff at a supplier, at a regular store (here in Quebec we can get some in drug stores)??


  9. Wow!!!! I never tough of doing it this way!! Very nice!!! I’ll have to trt this!!!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Melanie Champagne (Montreal, Quebec)

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