Weekend Haul…

I had a couple of coupons for some Kiss Nail Dress stickers and this is what I left with…

So it wasn’t until I was writing the names of the swatches that I realized I rebought WnW Dreamy Poppy( the one on the end in the top row) that’s why I am missing a swatch.

Rain Check is a blue-lavender frost (much prettier in the bottle sadly).

Burgundy Frost is a gorgeous crimson shimmer. In the bottle the shimmer looks like its gold, but on the nail the gold doesn’t show up.

 Lavender Creme is a pretty pink creme. It is a true pink so I have no idea where WnW comes up with their names.

 Multi-Faceted is a mix of beautiful hex glitter. It has black, silver, green, blue, orange/gold. The colored glitter seems to have a color shifting property that makes this so stunning!

I finally have it! Essie French Affair is the perfect opaque pale pink creme, it has a slight purple undertone so it’s a very ‘cool’ color.

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