My First Video Tutorial…

Yay, I’m finally on YouTube! Now that my boys are getting older (and sleeping better) I was finally able to do some videos.

For my first video I wanted to show how to add strength to your natural nail without having to get an acrylic or gel overlay. As you know I’ve tried many treatment polishes and while I’ve had success with some of them, they only work when they on the nail. Unfortunately the first shower after doing my nails causes my polish to peel off in sheets, which is fine because I redo my nails several times a week anyways so it saves me the time of removing it lol. But because my nails are now naked they become vulnerable to breakage since they are unprotected.

Now for the video…

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial! If you would like to see me do more just let me know(and tell me what you would like to see).=)

4 Responses

  1. Pamela H says:

    Great tutorial on wrapping! Thanks for doing it! 😀

  2. Love it! Thank you so much for the walk through!

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