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My wonderful husband surprised me with a Sephora gift card he got from our credit card rewards points(score!). I was planning on saving it for a Clairsonic but my mom needed some stuff from Sephora so I caved and bought some pretties( I also wanted to get my birthday gift).


 BE has really stepped up their game in the kit department. Their kits were always good but they would always have one or two products/colors I just didn’t care for. However, the last few kits I’ve gotten have been excellent and everything a winner. Just look at the eyeshadow colors, SEE THEM!, they are stunning!

Splendid looks like a standard bronze but once applies shows a hidden array of multi-colored shimmer that just looks awesome.

Mademoiselle is an amazing vanilla shade with subtle iridescent shimmer.

Candied Pink is a really nice bright pink with subtle shimmer. Color payoff is excellent!

The Round the Clock waterproof eyeliner in Midnight seems like a decent eyeliner. It’s super creamy, in fact it’s so creamy the tip broke off while swatching (although it might have been from the heat).

And my favorite new line of BE glosses has to be Pretty Amazing. They are very shiny but aren’t sticky and have great color payoff, more of a lipstick in terms of coverage. Exuberance is a gorgeous watermelon pink color(Sephora describes it as strawberry but I think watermelon fits it best).

To compare here is Sally Girl Epic:
 (Sorry it so goopy, it got smudged then I put a coat over it and this is the result =/)

current 500 point gift-

I was so excited to see this Tarte kit for the 500 point gift because until now I haven’t been interested in any of the other kits, and if I was interested I didn’t have enough points =(.

Park Ave Princess is a nice shimmery bronzer. Color payoff is nice but it took alot of rubbing to pick up the product, it’s very hard and not soft and creamy like most bronzers.

Lively is a beautiful fuschia. I have several of the LipSurgence colors and they are all great. These are my go-to lip products for when I do a 5 minute face to hurry up and get out the door.

The EmphasEYES™ High Definition Eye Pencil seemed really hard to apply and didn’t give a nice clean line( especially when compared to the BE eyeliner).

I haven’t used the primer or powder but the powder seems fairly comparable to MUFE HD powder (maybe silkier).

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