Kids and Nail Polish Don’t Mix….

Yesterday while my boys were sleeping I stamped my nails and added Nail Tek as my top coat. I set the bottle down next to the couch and forgot about it. Well my wonderful 21mo son climbed on the couch and found the bottle, then decided it was the must have toy of the moment. I asked him nicely to give it back (lol) and when he didn’t I leaned over to get it from him before anything happened to it. He, of course, was not giving up his precious new toy to me so instead he chucked* the bottle across the room. I was in shock, my holy grail growth treatment had been thrown across the room like an unwanted toy! Then I had a moment of relief when I heard no crash or thud but that relief was short lived once I found the bottle. It had been decapitated, the neck of the bottle still inside the cap and polish spilled all over our hardwood floors. Almost the entire bottle spilled out leaving 1/4 of polish left. My guess is it hit the side of the PacknPlay we have sitting next to the couch and the padding on the side muffled the sound but it was still hard enough to break the bottle.

*Now anyone with a toddler knows they lack the ability to throw UNLESS they are throwing something of value or being they are throwing in the direction of  something of value (i.e. the TV)

So here is the damage…

So yea, lesson learned, ALWAYS keep nail polish out of reach from toddlers!

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3 Responses

  1. Michelley says:

    Ahhhh! Funny. My one year old was recently bugging me and my hubby just watching and doing nothing and he kept grabbing all my polishes and throwing them on the floor. Luckily no damge, but now I know to be more fun careful! Yikes!

  2. carakitty says:

    Oh my dear goodness! I’m SO SAD with you! =( Also really glad we’re past that stage in my house but none of my stash is never going to be safe! We have a daughter 😉

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